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Company Description

Having worked with the world premium manufacturers and the Iron and steel industries for many years as their representative, Tincore, established in 2019 in London, UK, and is professionally engaged in trading and stocking of Tinplate for large UK and European metal packaging companies to make cans usable in foodstuff producing companies like edible oil (soya, canola, sunflower, corn etc.), tuna fish, tomato paste, pickles etc., as well as hygienic industries (aerosol cans, spray cans etc.), regularly being imported from Japan, south Korea, China etc. to European markets.

Tincore’s main target is to provide a one-stop-shop to the metal packaging industry with all the company’s resources focused on satisfying our customer’s expectations.

Being strategically located close to major Tinplate buyers in the UK, with all our facilities on one site, has enabled us, among other suppliers to offer short lead times and lower distribution costs to all our customers in the UK and Europe.

Mission Statement

To be a preferred supplier for all the Metal Packaging Materials (Tinplate and Tin Free Steel), including Lacquered and Printed Products in the UK, with a unique approach to customer service and providing a level of integrated service not yet being provided in the industry.

Tincore strength points

Proactive customer service

Unlike most suppliers in the industry who are primarily “order takers” and are therefore reactive. Tincore provides a proactive service, by getting a detailed understanding of customers’ needs, and proactively anticipating their requirements and ensuring that they would not face any production problems.

Use of Technology

To provide an efficient warehousing, cutting-to-order, and on-time delivery service,Tincore already invested in technology for all these areas, implementing modular ERP software in the business to provide an efficient and highly profitable service.

Critical suppliers

To enjoy the long and close relationships with key suppliers in Japan, South Korea, China etc., nurtured over 20 years, enabled Tincore to provide a very competitive services in the UK and European markets.

Warehousing and logistics

Having its own warehouse and logistics capability enabled Tincore to compete on speed of delivery, and providing a bespoke stock-holding service to their larger clients.


The supply industry is continually making improvements and also customers want to innovate. By investing in the knowledge to stay ahead in this market, Tincore providing many additional customer benefits over and above the competition.